Kelly Mulhall

  • Founder
  • The Natural Balance

Kelly is a science-based Nutritional Therapist who uses natural methods to balance body, mind and soul.

Having worked in a corporate events and marketing role before becoming a Nutritional Therapist, Kelly is well aware of the demanding nature of the corporate world and events industry. Long hours, irregular eating habits, lots of caffeine and snacks can all contribute to poor health. Having suffered with her own health issues, burnouts and stress she turned to the power of nutrition to help her through.

So miraculous was the transformation that she quit her job to pursue a career helping other people improve their wellbeing.

Kelly now specialises in gastrointestinal disorders and female health but also spends much of her time working with companies to help improve the health of their employees through nutrition and wellbeing workshops. Alongside being a Nutritional Therapist, Kelly is also a yoga and meditation teacher, so you can expect a fully holistic approach to improving your health with a focus on healthy eating, improved physical fitness and positive mental wellbeing.


  • Balancing Health & Nutrition in the Workplace 11.00am – 11.45am

    In this session Kelly will discuss the importance of proper health and nutrition and how this, along with stress, can impact your mood, focus and concentration at work. If you are struggling with fatigue, poor sleep, caffeine, sugar and snack cravings then this is the talk for you. There is much conflicting and contrasting advice on the […]